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A Door Opens – Calvin’s Story, Part 2

“Something happens to a man who has nowhere to call home. Everyone treats him like dirt, and he begins to believe them.” After more than a decade of crack addiction, for the first time, Calvin did not know where he was going to sleep at night. There was no more money for rent. There were…


Success at School

“If I know English, I can work, talk anywhere to anyone, fill out applications, do anything–and this is what I most want.” Originally from rural Somalia, Maryama arrived in the United States as a refugee in 2010. She boarded a plan on one side of the world, and when she got off, she was 7500…


Things Fall Apart – Calvin’s Story, Part 1

“Without Our Saviour’s Housing, I’d either be in jail, dead, or walking around crazed. Like it says–Our Saviour’s. It really saved me.” Life was good for Calvin. He had a stable job and made enough money to help support his mom and brothers financially. On weekends, he indulged his culinary interests, hosting elaborate dinner parties…


For the Love of a Sister

“I truly believe they are progressing faster because they are tutoring each other.” Hodan and Sawda are much more than classmates. They are also sisters and best friends. At ages 23 and 24, they claim that they have never fought. In fact, they can’t even imagine sisters fighting! If you have a sibling, you might…

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If we’re going to serve, we should do it year around. You don’t just care about someone once a year.

Joy Volunteer Breakfast Server

I really enjoy teaching and interacting with the students. Everyone at the English Learning Center Program brightens my day!

Emily Volunteer English Teacher

We are blessed to be involved… and we feel like we’re helping in some small way.

Dianna Volunteer Shelter Dinner Server

On the surface I help people balance their check book, understand their child’s math assignments, and ensure they can calculate simple financial transactions. But what I really do, what all tutors at the English Learning Center really do, is act as a guide. We guide people across a cultural bridge to a place very different from the one they have known their entire life. And though we ask nothing in return for our contribution to their journey, they pay us by giving us a better understanding of their culture and who they are.

Matt Volunteer Math Teacher