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Standing by Geraldine

“I never thought I would have my own place again. [Our Saviour’s] was the best choice I could have made, the best program I could have gotten into.” When Geraldine moved from Chicago to Minneapolis to live with her niece, she thought she was leaving homelessness behind her. But when her niece put her out…


A Beginner’s Guide to Ramadan

The arrival of the new moon late last week marked the end of Ramadan. For the previous month, 1 billion Muslims worldwide, including 6 million in the United States, fasted daily from sunrise to sunset. Since many of our students are Muslim, we asked them to educate us about this holy month of Islam. Here…


On His Own But Not Alone

Three years ago, Patrick found himself someplace he never thought he’d be – at the front door of Our Saviour’s Housing in need of emergency shelter. Patrick, a 29-year-old man with developmental disabilities, lived in his family home in St. Louis Park for most of his life. In 2010, he moved into a condo in…

Aziza-ELC graduate

Where Is She Now, 5 Years Later?

Over the years, we have celebrated many students moving on to GED testing, higher education, job training, and employment. Recently, we checked back with one of these students to see where she is today. Aziza moved with her seven-month-old son from Ethiopia to Minnesota in 2008. She was joining her husband, who is also from…

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    Being at OSH makes me realize that anything can happen to anyone, and that’s why you’ve got to help people out. There are some good vibes here and a really cool sense of community. Everyone’s kind of in it together. It feels great to see familiar faces when I return!

    Stacey OSH Volunteer

    If we’re going to serve, we should do it year around. You don’t just care about someone once a year.

    Joy Volunteer Breakfast Server

    I really enjoy teaching and interacting with the students. Everyone at the English Learning Center Program brightens my day!

    Emily Volunteer English Teacher

    We are blessed to be involved… and we feel like we’re helping in some small way.

    Dianna Volunteer Shelter Dinner Server

    On the surface I help people balance their check book, understand their child’s math assignments, and ensure they can calculate simple financial transactions. But what I really do, what all tutors at the English Learning Center really do, is act as a guide. We guide people across a cultural bridge to a place very different from the one they have known their entire life. And though we ask nothing in return for our contribution to their journey, they pay us by giving us a better understanding of their culture and who they are.

    Matt Volunteer Math Teacher