Mission Statement

We are a community of hope for those who need a home.

Our mission is eliminating homelessness by providing shelter, support, and a chance to start over.


Our Saviour's Housing Stories


Getting Back to Dad

“[They] made me feel welcomed. It was nice just to have somewhere to go, where nobody judged you. It was the first time anyone had really spoken to me since I became homeless.” Before anything else, Skyler is a dad. You can tell within 5 minutes of meeting him, hearing him talk about his 5-year-old…

Michael's Story

Homeless to Housed in 60 Days

“The deepest, darkest part of a man’s life is when he doesn’t know where he’s going to be or where he’s going to end up.” In November of the coldest winter in recent memory, Michael moved out of his apartment of six year, just barely avoiding formal eviction. As he closed his door for the…

Peer Empowerment Program

A Chance to Support Each Other

“Sometimes I need support to get out. The Peer Empowerment Program helps with that and gaining friendship.” It started with a potluck. At the beginning of this year, 30 nervous but excited Transitional Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing residents gathered to kick-off OSH’s new Peer Empowerment Program (PEP). The program began as a way to…


My Weekly Shelter Shift

“Many people think if you put the homeless in housing, it should be enough. But then there’s a realization that that’s not all there is. OSH is very encompassing and actually works on the goals and hopes of residents.” When Tim began volunteering as a Daytime Assistant with OSH, he was searching for a way…

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If we’re going to serve, we should do it year around. You don’t just care about someone once a year.

Joy Volunteer Breakfast Server

We are blessed to be involved… and we feel like we’re helping in some small way.

Dianna Volunteer Shelter Dinner Server