Shelter, support, and a chance to start over

Mission Statement

We are a community of hope for those who need a home.

Our mission is eliminating homelessness by providing shelter, support, and a chance to start over.


Our Saviour's Housing Stories

Tara - Permanent Supportive Housing resident

Beyond Mental Illness: Learning to Live Again

“I fought so long against entering the shelter system. I had heard so many horror stories – that once you get in, you never get out. But I have not found this to be the case at all. Our Saviour’s Housing rescued me.” I’ve struggled with mental illness my whole life. Officially, my diagnosis is…


A Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget

Sandy is a resident in Our Saviour’s Transitional Housing Program. She’s also a mom. And as of this writing, hasn’t seen her son in more than 2 years. When Sandy came to us last September, she’d been homeless since November 2012–the result of a job loss and divorce from her emotionally and verbally abusive husband. Of…


A Little Help Goes a Long Way

“We should help out and treat people how we want to be treated.” With a smile on his face, Samuel describes his apartment in one word–quiet. It might not sound very exciting. But after 2 years of living on the streets, it’s that quiet and the peace that comes with it that he most appreciates….


The Rise of a Scholar

“I’m healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Our Saviour’s does as its title suggests–saves people. [They] gave me insight on how to focus back on living, rather than existing. I am very grateful.”   Before Our Saviour’s Housing, Lafayette was in a “living hell.” “I was broken and shattered. I was homeless. I lost my marriage….

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Being at OSH makes me realize that anything can happen to anyone, and that’s why you’ve got to help people out. There are some good vibes here and a really cool sense of community. Everyone’s kind of in it together. It feels great to see familiar faces when I return!

Stacey OSH Volunteer

If we’re going to serve, we should do it year around. You don’t just care about someone once a year.

Joy Volunteer Breakfast Server

We are blessed to be involved… and we feel like we’re helping in some small way.

Dianna Volunteer Shelter Dinner Server