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Ibrahim learns English

Breaking Out of the Box

“I could not go anywhere. No movement…My life was a box. I live 23 years there.” This is how Ibrahim describes living in a refugee camp in Kenya from age 9 to 32, after fleeing violence and civil war in his home country of Somalia. He was not free to travel or even leave the…


Distance Learning 2.0

I’ve never considered myself a computer expert, so I was a little nervous when I started my AmeriCorps VISTA role last August as the ELC’s next distance learning coordinator. However, I quickly learned the same lesson I now try to impart to students: Distance learning isn’t scary, and anyone can do it. Over the last…


The Last Man in Transitional Housing

Last summer, we announced a big change at Our Saviour’s Housing. After careful deliberation and assessment of community needs, we started to shift our Transitional Housing Program to serve women only, prioritizing women who have experienced domestic violence. This change is now complete, and we’re gratified to see women settling into their new home. But…


A Citizen at Last

“Language is important to navigate life. You can’t fill out paperwork for a job or make a doctor’s appointment if you don’t know the language. Start learning English immediately – as soon as you arrive!” Like any of our students, Halimo is no stranger to hard times. She fled Somalia’s civil war with her husband…

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OSH was there for me when nobody else was. They helped me stand on two feet. That’s what I want to be able to do for someone else. Because when you help somebody out, that’s when you get helped out too.

Paris Resident at OSH

When I moved into the housing program, it was the first time I had a key that could actually open my own door. That was an amazing experience. I’m grateful because Our Saviour’s gave me the opportunity to move on and make my life better.

Jude Resident at OSH

I enjoyed having the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church Friends Forever service group come for a conversation group with students because the students really engaged and used their English.

Mary Teacher at ELC

Education is important. If you have no education, you have no eyes. With an education, things are possible.

Ahmed ELC Student

The best part about home is having one. Using your own key to come in and out. Relaxing.

Eligah Resident at OSH

When I see the students benefit, it makes me feel very good!

Shukri ELC Student

Finding OSH was the most important thing in helping me get back on my feet.

Anonymous Resident at OSH

Our Saviour’s Transitional Housing Program was a Godsend. I feel like I really can’t say enough. I’m in a supportive environment. The people here really help you. The best part is having a place of peace and rest.

Sandra Resident at OSH

I see two elderly students grabbing a ride home with one of their classmates. They wave and ask about my family. I ask them, “How are you?” They respond, “If we are here, we are always good!”

Jenne Program Director at ELC

Being at OSH makes me realize that anything can happen to anyone, and that’s why you’ve got to help people out. There are some good vibes here and a really cool sense of community.

Stacey Volunteer at OSH