A Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget

Sandy is a resident in Our Saviour’s Transitional Housing Program. She’s also a mom. And as of this writing, hasn’t seen her son in more than 2 years.

When Sandy came to us last September, she’d been homeless since November 2012–the result of a job loss and divorce from her emotionally and verbally abusive husband.

Of the many struggles that come with being homeless, the most devastating part has not been the continuous couch hopping. Or the demoralizing job search. Or even never having a place where she can feel completely secure. Bur rather, being apart from her son, JT, who was 9 the last time she saw him and is 11 today.

When he left, Sandy’s ex took JT because he had housing. And although the judge upheld her joint custody rights, her ex has refused to honor the ruling.

While homeless, Sandy barely had the energy and resources to get through a day, let alone fight a lengthy custody battle in court. She also knew that she had to get back on her feet before she could be the mom she wanted to be.

Then along came OSH. Without having to worry about where she’ll sleep at night, Sandy has been able to focus on moving forward. She’s connected with legal aid to claim her right to see her son. She’s also investing in her career, pursuing an associate’s degree as a medical office assistant.

What would it mean to see JT again? At the thought, Sandy’s eyes immediately fill with tears, and she pauses, fighting for control. Finally, she says:

“I miss him so much. I want to see his face and how he has aged and changed. I almost feel like I’m not a mom anymore, since I don’t have my child in my life. I gave birth to him, but I’m not a mom.

I had to put him out of my mind completely to focus on getting stable in my life. I felt like a bad mom–guilty, like I had abandoned him. But I know I needed this time to get myself together.”

Now, after months of hard work, Sandy is very close to reuniting with her son. A judge has ordered a warrant against her ex for contempt of court. This could be the first Mother’s Day in over 2 years Sandy gets to spend with her child. And you can help make it happen…