Aziza’s Graduation

Whether it’s reading their first English novel or learning, for the first time, to write their own name, ELC students have so much to be proud of. Still, given the many demands of life in a new country, it is rare that students can stay in our program long enough to climb through the levels and reach “graduation.” And yet, that is exactly what one student, Aziza, just did.

Aziza entered our program in 2008, a few months after arriving here from Ethiopia. She joined English 2 and hit the ground running! Aziza’s attendance was impeccable, and her dedication was clear. She climbed three English levels since 2008, in spite of taking a year off to have her child. Now she has tested out of even our most advanced class. The day after hearing this news, Aziza took and passed the entrance exam for a local GED–prep program. She intends to pursue a career in nursing, and we at the ELC have no doubt she will succeed.