Dale’s Success Story

When I walk into Dale’s apartment every week it makes me smile, with his festive decorations and love for balloons. You can’t help but notice the special attention to care that Dale puts into his home. It is so neatly organized, clean and beautifully decorated.

Dale was homeless for 15 years off and on. He says that he always considered the homeless as his brothers and sisters and that he has compassion for all. He speaks about how even though he is no longer homeless he still thinks of the many people who need homes and he wishes he could help them.

Before moving into his home Dale felt stereotyped/judged with people thinking he must be homeless due to being a drug addict or a criminal. Dale states that he initially became homeless due to losing a job and then it became harder and harder to find another one. Dale tried to stay positive while he was homeless, praying and thinking things would change for the better.

Now that Dales has a home he says that he has become more confident with himself. He is happy to have more responsibility and stability in his life. Dale is very proud of his home. He enjoys cleaning his apartment as well as decorating according to each holiday. Dale has a love for Mylar balloons. He says that he has been collecting them for 15-years. He tries to get a new one for every new season, special occasion and holiday.

Since being housed, Dale has become even better with budgeting and being able to stretch the $89 he receives monthly to cover his needs and still be able to treat himself once and awhile.

Dale expressed his wanting to tell others to “think positive, everything will work out and don’t dwell in the past.”

Dale says that whenever he wakes up or comes home he “feels like a kid on Christmas morning” looking around and being thankful to call it his home. He enjoys the peace and quiet and the privacy he has with having his home to himself.

Dale expressed how thankful he is towards OSH for helping him get housing. He is also thankful to Salvation Army, his church, Bridging for his furniture, and his current property manager- Christopherson Properties.