Halima Takes Learning Online

Two ELC students wearing jackets and hijabs working at computers

Halima started as a student at the ELC in February 2020, taking English, math, and citizenship classes. Since then, she’s advanced an entire English level. We asked her how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her life and learning. Here’s what she had to say:

How has the pandemic affected you and your daily life?
Right now, life is hard. The kids are at home all day. I have to feed them all their meals and snacks. They learn online school and play in the house. We [were] fasting [during Ramadan], and when you are fasting you have to cook nice food. You have to get energy during the night. So I cook during the day when we are all at home. It’s hard to go shopping now because the kids are home, and I don’t want to take the kids with. Sometimes my neighbors will drive me. It’s even scary to take the kids outside because of coronavirus.

What is it like learning online from home?
It’s difficult because at school I have math, citizenship, and English. I can see my friends, and I learn more. School is the best. Because you don’t have kids around you’re just alone, and you are learning. You have a good time, and your head is getting everything.

What motivates you to keep learning even during a pandemic?
I still want to learn. I am in a program where you have to go to school, or you have to work. I want to learn English. I am still learning. My teacher calls me every day, and even if I learn one word, that is good.

“I still want to learn…My teacher calls me every day, and even if I learn one word, that is good.”