In the Words of Our Students

A few months ago, Ganga Ram Acharya, an English Learning Center student, delivered a speech at the State Capitol during the Literacy Action Network’s annual Lobby Day. Below is an excerpt:

“My name is Ganga Ram Acharya. I was born and grew up in Bhutan. Due to the political conflict, my family and I and many other people, had to flee our country. My family and I spent 18 years in Nepal as refugees. I have never gone to school in my whole life, ever. I was head carpenter in Nepal.

In November 2008, me and my family came to Minnesota. I came to American for a better life for my children and for their bright futures. I was always interested and eager to learn and study.

Before I came to America, I thought I would be continuing my job as a carpenter, but because of my English language and writing skills, I am not able to find a job. I would like to continue my education until I can speak and write English very well. I really appreciate… my school, The English Learning Center, and I recommend to all the English learners to continue in school until you can achieve your goals.”

– Ganga Acharya