OSLC Youth Challenge

Dear friends at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church and beyond,


We, the youth of Our Saviour’s, miss being together, and we thought it would be really fun to have a virtual talent show where we can share our silly and serious talents together!


And – we thought it would be great to put our talents to good use by raising up our congregational mission of the month for May and June, Our Saviour’s Housing. As many of you might know, because of COVID-19, the emergency shelter has been open 24/7 since late March, with increased operating costs of over $14,000 per week. Now OSH is taking another big step to better protect the safety of their guests and staff, by moving everyone to a hotel setting where guests will occupy separate rooms. Of course, this is also expensive, roughly tripling the shelter’s COVID-related operating costs! While OSH has raised sufficient public funding to cover the first month, they will rely on a combination of public, private, and community support to sustain this model of service in the months ahead.

Clearly, OSH could use some extra love. During this time, some of us maintain stable income and have received extra money from stimulus checks, while others of us are struggling financially. If you are able, please give extra to OSH in May and June, and consider sending a thank you note to OSH staff. As a THANK YOU for your extra giving to Our Saviour’s Housing, the Our Saviour’s youth will host a virtual talent show (TBD – stay tuned for details). You will NOT want to miss this! Check out our video to get a taste of some of the amazing talents of our youth and adults that will be showcased!

You may return to this webpage to see how much we have raised together. We recognize that many have already supported OSH in these times through extra meals and giving – thank you! If you are part of the congregation, you can consider giving on this webpage as your contribution to the mission of the month. If you are a friend outside of the congregation, thank you for joining in with this wonderful effort! Every dollar matters. Let’s make a difference in this time of crisis, care for the most vulnerable, and show our support for the life-changing work of OSH.

In peace and gratitude,
The Our Saviour’s youth group and adult leaders
PS – Please use the donation form below to have your gift counted as part of our total!

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