Our Saviour's Housing

Program Mission Statement


We are a community of hope for those who need a home.

Our mission is eliminating homelessness by providing shelter, support, and a chance to start over.


Who we serve:

Each year, 650 men and women experiencing homelessness come through our doors.

What we provide:

At the most basic: Shelter. Community. Hope.
We provide dignified shelter and supportive resources, as well as transitional and permanent supportive housing.
But what happens here is about more than just a roof overhead. One of the most difficult parts about being homeless is being cut off from community - being seen not as a person but as "the homeless."
We provide a space for every resident to feel welcomed, safe, and encouraged. We address the needs of the whole person because each piece of a person's life influences the others.
In this atmosphere, residents thrive. They find community and a chance to contribute. They learn to hope again. Please feel free to browse the stories below to learn more about the incredible strength and resilience of our residents.

Why it matters:

Spend any amount of time at a shelter, and the first thing you'll learn is that each person's story is unique. The paths in and out of homelessness are diverse. Many will surprise you. But a lack of affordable housing and support during difficult times is one common thread. We've all needed a helping hand before, but not everyone has one.
That's why Our Saviour's Housing exists. Because we believe that no one should have to navigate crisis alone. And the consequence of one mistake or uncontrollable circumstances should not be losing your home.

Our Saviour's Housing Stories


Sober, Housed, & Never Going Back

  Allison had it all—a supportive family, good job, new car, nice place to live, and money in the bank. That’s why when a friend invited her to try crack for the first time, she told him, “Oh, I can’t do that. My life is too good. I’ve got to be there for my daughter….


A Promise Kept

Before his brother’s passing, Larry made a promise. Stuck in a toxic cycle of alcohol, gambling, theft, and jail, he promised to leave his hometown of Milwaukee and make a fresh start. So after his brother’s funeral, Larry hopped on a bus to Minneapolis. That bus ride, as Larry likes to say, is when he…


Homeless at 57, College Grad at 58

Howard likes people. Spend five minutes in his company, and you’re bound to walk away with a smile on your face after hearing him spin a tale or two (or three). This talent has served him well. Aside from his early years working in the taconite mines north of Duluth, Howard has made a career…


Jerrod Says Hold on to Hope

“It’s a lot better. I don’t have to deal with people screaming in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s a very good program. They’re willing to help you out…willing to take the time.” Jerrod was twenty years old when he first became homeless. Since his mother’s death at age 11,…

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OSH was there for me when nobody else was. They helped me stand on two feet. That’s what I want to be able to do for someone else. Because when you help somebody out, that’s when you get helped out too.

Paris Resident at OSH

When I moved into the housing program, it was the first time I had a key that could actually open my own door. That was an amazing experience. I’m grateful because Our Saviour’s gave me the opportunity to move on and make my life better.

Jude Resident at OSH

The best part about home is having one. Using your own key to come in and out. Relaxing.

Eligah Resident at OSH

Finding OSH was the most important thing in helping me get back on my feet.

Anonymous Resident at OSH

Our Saviour’s Transitional Housing Program was a Godsend. I feel like I really can’t say enough. I’m in a supportive environment. The people here really help you. The best part is having a place of peace and rest.

Sandra Resident at OSH

Being at OSH makes me realize that anything can happen to anyone, and that’s why you’ve got to help people out. There are some good vibes here and a really cool sense of community.

Stacey Volunteer at OSH