Strategic Direction Statement

An open golden compass laying on a wood surface

We are pleased to share the statement of Strategic Direction we developed over the last year, in dialogue with our staff, board, and community stakeholders. The following principles will guide our strategic decision-making, including recruitment and selection of our next Executive Director this spring:

  1. Balance service and system change – OSCS is committed to engaging our partners and supporters in efforts to recognize and transform oppressive systems – and our participation in those systems – while continuing to serve the immediate needs of those in our community. We specifically seek to recognize and explicitly address how race and class are connected to and inform our work: programmatically, organizationally, culturally, and interpersonally.
  2. Strengthen community connection – OSCS defines growth as becoming more connected, responsive, and holistic in our support of the aspirations of the Phillips Community. This will require better including and reflecting the community in our staff and board leadership, and matching our vision with our capacity – human, technical, and financial – to ensure personal, interpersonal, and organizational health, strength, and sustainability.
  3. Re-envision the use of our campus – OSCS recognizes the unique value of our location and physical campus, and the potential to create a place that is more connected to and supportive of the Phillips Community. We also recognize that we do not and cannot exist in isolation. We are committed to making the best use of these community assets, and to exploring the implications of this for our programming, financial model, and future partnerships.

We look forward to working with you – and with all of our strategic partners – as we live into this new vision.