What happiness is…

This spring, we asked students, “What makes you happy?”

Here’s a sample of what they said:

Evening English student, level 5/6
“Happiness is a necessary part of our life. When the wars and violence end, then the world is in peace. Then that will make people feel happy and relaxed. Happiness is when all people respect each other.

Happiness is when gathering of people or whole families join together, and the house is full of kids. Happiness is when parents have their children play around them.”

Evening English student, level 5/6
“I am happy in spring time and fall season. For these season, it is only time I have chance to play with my children at the playground. Everything is green; the weather is nice and warm with sunshine. We play soccer, baseball, slide, swimming, bikes, swing, and more.

In addition, I like the chance to meet my neighborhood and my friends on weekends. The spring season and fall time are when all the environment is green. I like to walk on the sidewalks of the street and exercise. Moreover, I like watching soccer, when they are playing English Premier League, Spanish League, and Italian League.”

Segundo, morning English level 3 (pictured above)
“My happiness is my family and friends. My happiness is my job. My happiness is tomorrow I’m going shopping. My happiness is my son. I go to play. My happiness is friends come to my house to cook.”

Compilation from the morning level 2 English class
Happiness is…

  • No snow outside
  • Having my daughter come home from the hospital with a baby boy
  • Loving my mom
  • Going to English school in this class
  • Speaking English
  • My doctor
  • Coming to America
  • Living in Minneapolis
  • Having a job

What do you think? Are any of these things the same for you? Anything missing? It sure seems that across a huge diversity of cultures and backgrounds, the things that make us happy are pretty universal.